Where to Fence in Utah and Idaho

The Utah-Southern Idaho Division has great fencing clubs throughout southern Idaho and Utah offering youth and adult programs. Every club has experienced coaches that can help you become a solid recreational fencer to national contender. Just contact a club near you, and they will get you started.



Park City Fencing Academy
email: mariahpslagle@gmail.com
Website: www.parkcityfencing.com
Phone: 801-803-4558
City: Park City, Utah
Coach: Mariah Slagle


Utah Fencing Academy
email: info@utahfencingacademy.com
Website: utahfencingacademy.com
Phone: 435-668-1316
City:St. George, Utah
Coach: Parker Miner

 UFA Logo

Utah Sport Fencing Center
e-mail: info@utahvalleyfencing.com
Website: www.utahvalleyfencing.com
Phone: 801-477-1774
Address: 728 S State ST
City: Orem, Utah
Coach: Mark Stasinos


Utah Swords Academy
email: club@ufencing.com
Website: www.ufencing.com
Phone: 801-505-9065
Address: 3536 South West Temple
City: Salt Lake City, Utah
Coach: Konstantin Gritsaev


Wasatch Fencing
e-mail: ronh@wasatchfencing.org
Website: www.wasatchfencing.org
Phone: 801-497-9765 or 801-540-8682 (Ron – voice / text)
Address: 353 Market Street
City: Kaysville, Utah
Coach: Ron Hendricks




Pocatello Fencing Club
email: Deanrose419@yahoo.com
Website: www.pocatellofencing.com
City: Pocatello, Idaho
Address: First United Methodist Church 200 N 15th Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201
Coach: Dean Rose


Salle Boise
email: andy@fencingboise.com
Phone: 208-373-1060
Website: www.salleboise.com
City: Boise, Idaho
President: Andrew Gearhart